Owen Lyndon Thomas


I first exhibited paintings, mainly figurative oils in the early 1960’s.  The work at the time attempted to place industry into landscape- at that time there was no shortage of inspiration within south Wales.  From 1966 I changed direction making stoneware domestic pottery that was exhibited and sold through a wide range of galleries and craft shops throughout Wales and the Marches.  Following the onset of arthritis I had a brief flirtation with woodturning before illness curtailed any further involvement. 

I restarted painting in 2008 but was initially hesitant that I would be unable to avoid the influence of such artists as Will Roberts and Josef Herman whose work I admire.

I evolved a method of working in acrylic on paper using painting knives to achieve the textured effects I desired.  The bulk of my subject matter is the landscape of North Pembrokeshire and the Lleyn Peninsula, the two western extremities of Wales.   I am particularly interested in human habitation within the landscape, habitation often isolated, almost apologetic in its setting.  The exploration of a subject usually requires up to five paintings to capture the range of moods that various weather conditions provide.

I exhibit work in a number of galleries in Wales.