Ian Phillips


My printing process today starts, as it’s always done with a walk and a sketchbook. Following lonely trails over empty hills, through twisting forests tracks, or along cliff side paths looking for colour, pattern and texture. I’m looking for fully complete compositions out in the landscape. All I have to do is find the right place to stand, the right direction to look and start drawing. Once back in the studio the work consists of scaling up the image to size, drawing it out and starting the cut.

The printing of a linocut is all about pattern. The image may start life as a scribble in a sketchbook but as soon as you work on the linoleum  the process becomes all about gouging and cutting to make marks.  These marks then create a picture through, for example, the suggestion of the texture of rock, the patterns of water. Hopefully building up through these patterns and textures the feel of the landscape through which I walked.