Steffan Ebsworth


I originally trained as a graphic designer and for the past 17 or so years I have worked as a secondary school art and design teacher. During this time I have always had an urge to create, splitting my spare time between producing artwork and writing and performing music in various bands. When painting I work mainly in mixed media and focus on Welsh landscapes and seascapes. I’ve always been drawn to the Welsh coast and open spaces, spending time experiencing the ever-changing and often extremely contrasting climate.  I strongly believe in catching the ‘feel’ or atmosphere of what I am painting, the weather and time of day play a major role in achieving this. Many of the pieces I create are therefore expressive and experimental depictions created on location, often semi abstract in quality and purposefully gritty, multilayered and tactile in quality; varying greatly in scale and dimensions. The textures created within the artwork are just as important as the subject matter of the works themselves, and hopefully add to the richness of the visual experience.