Pete Morgan


Buildings have always been at the heart of my drawing and paintings. I work directly from the environment, often revisiting places many times in ever changing weather and seasons. Changing my palette with mood and nature, from the black and brown hues of winter to the yellows and ochre of autumn. More so the bright and fresh greens, yellows and clear blue skies of springtime have special appeal in my working year.

My paintings have been inspired by immediate surroundings as well as places further afield. Visits to North Wales, Cornwall and the Gower have resulted in a series of larger paintings that also aim to capture something of the essence of the place. I work mainly in acrylics, embracing a range of techniques including glazing, impasto and direct painting.

The beginning of any one of my works is a quick sketch or snap shot, often paintings made from a few quick lines filled with colour to help bring to life the experience of being at that place and finished with a pen line. A technique developed from my studies from college days. I often revisit places walking in different directions as the image changes as I see a new view point. There is always something to paint, but finding the image gives me inspiration to find others. 

Much of my latest body of work addresses the experience of travelling, often sketching the surroundings I observe during family holidays continue to strengthen my interest in the natural world whilst they also help to develop a sense of awareness of the landscape and environment. The subject often incorporates the light, atmosphere and beauty of places I know well. In all my paintings the aim is to convey some of this emotion to the viewer. I am most well known for the dramatic Welsh whitewashed cottages hidden behind stone walls, but I have painted further afield and hope to continue doing so. I paint using layers of texture and colour to create an image on either card or canvas. In each painting I never quite know what colour the sky or the landscape is going to be. It might take a week or might take a couple of hours depending on how the layers build up. It generally starts with a rough sketch in pencil and I build on that. It might be that there are several colours on top of each other – it’s not always the same painting.

My paintings are the direct result of my observations and experiences on actual locations. All of my paintings begin with drawings, water colours or acrylic sketches. The larger works are then completed in my studio in acrylics. Not working on an easel but working flat on my work table.