Elizabeth Haines


Many of my paintings are based on the Preseli, where I’ve lived for 50 years. They may evolve from studies of a particular place – my sketchbooks are full of drawings of the landscape both at home and abroad, as well as anything else which seizes my attention.

My subjects evolve from things which I have seen and contemplated: sometimes I start again on top of a discarded image, some of which may be retained as a kind of palimpsest. The subject may develop sooner or later as the work itself evolves, when the music of shape and colour take on the appearance of something I once saw or experienced, perhaps forgotten until that moment – I never know. I work on it until it feels right, responding to the initial marks in a dialogue with the emerging image, enjoying the element of serendipity. Painting in the studio is often on a tightrope between the ‘real’ and the imaginary world.