Charlotte Baxter


Conveying a sense of movement and life is particularly important to me and is one of the reasons I am drawn to the coast. The tides, weather and waves provides an ever changing subject matter and I enjoy the challenges of trying to capture these fleeting moments in this beautiful landscape.

I work primarily with lino and woodcut as I enjoy the possibilities and the challenges I encounter whilst working with this method – most notably the unpredictable results that can be achieved through building layers, pattern and texture within my prints.

I create my prints by carving a design into a lino or wooden block using small carving tools. I then ink the carved block using a roller (brayer) and transfer the design to paper using either an Albion or etching press. Layers can be added by printing on top of the initial print using additional blocks (multi block) or by cutting away the same block and then printing with a different colour (reduction method).