Robert Mee


It is unusual if a day goes by without me picking up a paintbrush, whether to paint oils or watercolour. Although it is my full time profession, it is never a chore to go to work. I feel lucky to have found art or it found me. Either way it inspires me to learn, I never rest easy in the fact I can paint and always look to ways to improve. I take inspiration from past artists such as John Singer Sargent to more contemporary living artists who also paint watercolours in a modern loose atmospheric style. My studio is in West Wales, however for a large proportion of the year the great outdoors is my main studio, particularly the South of France. I travel with my wife Kate in our camper van with my art materials in tow, stopping and painting as we go. When I am painting outdoors I really feel I am an artist.‘en plein air’ as the French say! I am self taught, fifteen plus years in and still learning, I once read that ‘it is the longest apprenticeship to become an artist’ Great news for my collectors as there will always be new and exciting works to look forward to.